No more blind spot by using FullVueTM ­ reversing Camera System

The 180°horizontal rear view provides a 3M wide and infinity long view and the 180°bird’s eye view provides a view of 3M side and 1M long.   The processed image not only allows operator to see the wider and longer view with no blind spot on both sides of the vehicle bumper but also gives driver a better idea on the distant relationship between two objects appeared in the display image.   Therefore, any objects behind the vehicle can be seen clearly and driver can make a more precise judgment of space between objects and the vehicle easily.

Revering mode /Parking mode
•  Motion detection function
•  No more rear blind spot with 180° viewing angle
•  Hi-resolution camera
•  Wide viewing angle with anti-distortion (fish eye distortion calibration)
•  Switch able view angel with innovative new processing technology

Benefits of FullVueTM

•  Maximize your safety with a image that covers all blind spots on both rear sides of the vehicle
•  Use the best 180° Camera to cover much more area than a conventional rear view camera
•  Provides a 2-in-1 display image with both horizontal rear view and bird’s-eye view
•  Integrates active monitoring function for detecting moving objects
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