ActiVueTM automatically detects potential danger
AUTOEQUIPS has taken the initiative and have developed new technology and design to help drivers to relax and be alert when driving the commercial vehicle. This evolutionary new technology has added an active detecting system to assist the both front and side blind spots by using JUST one set of the camera video system – ActiVueTM. It is designed to use a camera-based system which detects if the danger is presenting when driving.  Once detected, the camera based system will send out an audible warning and visual signal to remind driver to pay attention to the obstacles.
ActiVueTM has covered the three common blind-spot area for the vehicles: 
    •  Front side
    •  Left side
    •  Right side

Additional function, the Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system has also been integrated into the ActiVueTM to enhance the safety level. 

Benefits of ActiVueTM
     For safety enhancement - upgraded from a passive camera system into a active camera system
     For optimal safety - Built-in Lane Departure warning (LDW) function
     For effectiveness - Audio and visual alert to warn the driver when danger
     For easy installation - Use just the image technology to detect potential danger
     For flexibility - Optional active FRONT/RIGHT/LEFT blind-spot detection function
     For everyone - User-friendly for set-up and operation.
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