Advance safety video system launched in 2012

PSVT promotes the message to embrace safety in all aspects of life.
With a culture of safety that starts right at the top, the safety video solution provider Autoequips sees safety as their responsibility and encourage operator to indentify and mitigate risk.
“Our goal is to eliminate risk by helping the workers to recognize potential danger with and intelligent device that actively detect danger and gives warning signals. Ultimate safety is an integral part of our business,” Says Mr. Bruce Wang, Autoequips CEO.
In past three years, the innovation department of the Autoequips has concentrated on turning the existing PASSIVE safety video system into an ACTIVE system. This allows operators or the drivers to be more alert when there is potential danger. Danger can be categorized into two situations self and third party. The active intelligent technology is now integrated into the conventional video safety system which able to detect moving objects appears in the designated area surrounding the machine or the vehicle.
The company has released three new system for maximize the safety in working environment in 2012. The ActiVueTM Blind-Spot Detection camera system, the Virtual360TM Around View Monitoring system and intelligent around view monitoring (iVirtual360) system are integrated with latest technology that helps to reduce risk at work place. The Virtual360TM allows the driver to view the surrounding in a 360° aspect, image is in bird’s-eye view. As the result, the operators or the drivers are able to view the situation immediately to avoid accident happens. No more driving or reversing over the shoulder or nearby co-worker.
“We are passionate about the safety issue for the workers who participate in heavy duty industries. We believe it is the fundamental right of every human being to work without fear if injury and to return home safety”

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