Main Feature:
•  The 4.3” digital screen can be set on the left, middle or right side per customer’s requirement
•  This monitor has a built-in controller with 2 camera inputs which is suitable for both 12V and 24V DC vehicles

•  With high-low voltage protection and short circuit protection
•  Once the reverse trigger is engaged, the image will be presented on the mirror monitor automatically

•  Video signal(V1/V2) can be selected by pressing "CAM SELECT" button on the monitor
•  Mirror/Normal image can be set for CAM1 and CAM2 separately in the OSD MENU
•  With parking guide line to help park your car straight.
•  The monitor bracket suits for the existing 70%~80% Ford, GM and Toyota vehicles’ original rear
    view mirrors. O
ptional bracket adaptor for Honda and Toyota vehicle.
•  This camera provides full back view and rear view of the vehicle which is suitable for those vehicles with blocked view from
   cabin to back side
•  15 degree convenient adjustment each time between two cameras
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