Mobile DVR(DM80R)
The smart driver DVR is comprised a camera with wide viewing angle and 8” hi-resolution digital monitor which is specialize designed for the commercial vehicle. Easily installed on the front windshield by replacing the original rear view mirror, capture and record the road condition constantly. The breakthrough technology integration of LDW and FCW can help driver by acting  as a “Third Eye”. It continuously monitoring what’s in front of the vehicle, and help driver to identify potentially dangerous situations and alert driver with warning sound to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.

An increasing percentage of companises operating within the transportation logistics industry are seeking support to enforce and strengthen its internal safety regulations to chieve higher safety performances. The goal of this smart DVR is to monitor, measure, analyze and track fleet driver behavior associated with speeding, rapid acceleration and harsh braking incidences can be effectively collected with Smart DVR.
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